Energy company Siccar Point and oil giant Shell have plans to open a large new oil field in the Cambo Field, West of Shetland.

This contradicts the International Energy Agency’s advice that there should be no new fossil fuel development if we are to avoid a catastrophic 1.5°C rise in global temperature.

The planned development will totally ruin the UK’s chances of meeting its climate targets. There’s already enough oil and gas in existing sites to cause the UK to exceed its share of emissions under the Paris Agreement goals.

The new oil field would also make a mockery of the UK Government’s hosting of the COP26 Climate Conference that is hosting in Glasgow in November.

Friends of the Earth has organised an Open Letter calling upon the Government to…

Refuse approval for the massive Cambo oil field plan which could produce climate-wrecking oil until 2050.
Phase out all UK support for coal, oil and gas in order to do our fair share of climate action.
Ensure a just transition to replace fossil fuel jobs with green jobs, driven by affected workers and communities.

Please sign the Open Letter.


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